24mm, 1 sec, f/16, ISO 11. Shot on a full-frame camera.

Here is a shot from my walk in Esdalen, a beautiful nature reserve near Gothenburg. Ersdalen is a (relatively unknown) costal area in the Hönö island, where the landscape is primarily dominated by rocks. It's quite fun to jump from rock to rock untill you reach the edge of the sea. The rocks are covered by lichens, which come in more colors you can imagine (though with a prevalence of orange tints). The gaps between the rocks are dotted by bushes of red berries, delicately colorful ericas, and many other wild flowers. Where the rock is barren, the veins in the stone display intricate and spectacular patterns. And when you lift up your gaze, you see the blue of the ocean and the frenzy of the seegulls and some placid swans. It's a pleasure to the eye and a peaceful place for the soul.

I posted the picture on 500px and it earned the status of Popular (whatever that means). I hope you'll enjoy it and that it will inspire you to go out in the nature this weekend!