Traveling in style

Shot with a phone.

I just came back from a two-day trip to Edinburgh. When I went to the hotel for the check-in, they told me they had some unspecified electrical problem and told me they had re-booked me somewhere else. They gave me an apology, a printout of a Google map and sent me on a twenty-minute journey to my new hotel. Quite annoyed I dragged my suitcase to the other hotel and for the whole time I was thinking to the evil reviews I would have posted on TripAdvisor,, Facebook, etc. I admit, there are worse things in this world than an unplanned change of hotel. On my partial defence, it had been a long working day...

Anyway, when I arrived at the new place, I had a great surprise. I was welcomed by a super-friendly Scottish lady in an exquisite Victorian building with only a handful of luxurious rooms. BTW, the picture was taken in their lobby. Thanks to the gods of lodging, I got the largest, most expensive room they had (but at the same rate as the budget hotel I had originally booked, yeah!). The room had a high ceiling with stucco, and a big bow-window with sumptuous drapes, and a four-poster bed, and a fireplace, and complimentary sherry, and and and... A real treat. One of the best upgrades of my life ;) Needles to say, I slept like a king.