A stroll in Stora Amundön

Twenty minutes south of Gothenburg, Stora Amundön is a small, rocky island connected to the main land via a footbridge. A trail goes all around it. If you proceed counter-clockwise, the path first crosses a forest area with some amazing trees. The costal wind has bent the tree trunks and the branches in spectacular ways. And in autumn, the orange tones of the fallen leaves make a stark contrast with the green moss growing on the rocks. 

24mm, 1/80, f/11, ISO 640. Shot on a full-frame camera.

24mm, 1/80, f/11, ISO 640. Shot on a full-frame camera.

24mm, 1/60, f/8, ISO 400. Shot on a full-frame camera.

At some point, the trail emerges from the forest and lands at a small sandy beach. From there, it is possible (and strongly advised!) to go off track and cross the rocky part of the island. It takes some jumping from rock to rock (bring sport shoes) but it is quite an easy hike. The views are very rewarding, especially at sunset!

24 mm, 20 sec, f/16, ISO 100. Shot with a full-frame camera and a vari-ND filter.

My photo assistant (ehm... wife) took a behind-the-scene picture of me capturing the shot above.

Shot on a phone.

At some point the light started to fade to a point we had to rush back to the main trail. However, we lingered long enough to enjoy some of the blue hour (which was truly stunning).

85mm, 1/200, F/4. ISO 800. Shot on a full-frame camera.